FAQ [PF Club App]


I see you added new features, but I can’t view them all?

Make sure you have the most recent app update installed from the Google Play or Apple Store! This ensures you have the most up to date app and all of the new feature sets. 

I can login, but I can’t see my player’s schedule?

Most likely, you have multiple profiles and your player is tagged to a different one than they are using to login. The office admin can help merge their profiles and get them set!

A parent needs to make changes to their profile (ie: phone number), can they do it in the app?

Yes, they can. They can go to the “Profiles” page of the app and update their information there. Updates can also be made via the club website if preferred.


Can you sync your schedule to your phone’s calendar? 

Yes, you can! Make sure you have the latest version of the app from the app store and from the main schedule page and an individual team page, you will see a hyperlink button in the upper right hand corner. Click that for calendar sync instructions. Please note that, depending on your phone’s calendar software, it could take up to 24 hours to show updates - this is based on your individual phone, not the PlayerFirst app sync, so make sure you check the app if you get schedule change notifications!

I need to add a game, but the location doesn’t exist, what do I do?

As a coach or team manager, you now have the ability to add a new location (with the address) within the app, while adding a game or event to your team’s schedule.

Can I add game scores to a game?

Yes, you can. You can add game scores to any event that was created as a “Game”. These scores can be entered or updated at any time. 

Reminder: the event type must be entered as a GAME in order to update the scores. 

Can I add or edit an event in a different time zone?

Yes. When creating new events, you can choose what time zone the event is in. You can also update the time zone for an existing event. 

I know I have to schedule an event, but don’t know exactly what time it is yet - can I still schedule it and edit it later?

Yes! You can schedule an event and mark it “TBA” and give it a general time range. You can go back in later and update it with the exact time whenever you know it.


Can you delete messages in the inbox?

While you cannot delete messages, you can now archive them! You will see a checkbox to the left of all messages on your inbox screen, just click that and you will see “Archive” and “Mark as Read” options show up at the top of your screen. 

Can I send a message to my team with pictures & attachments? 

If you want to send pictures through the app to your team, you can do this by using the attachment button to the left of the “Compose Message” box. 

As a team manager or coach,  if you want to send a more formatted email with potential attachments and links, you can do so from the website, using your login. Attached to the Team Manager packet, you will find how tos regarding communication and schedule updates via the website (instead of the app). 

Can parents send chats to each other?

Yes, they can! Any parent can send a message to another parent (or multiple parents) via the app.

Who can start a team chat?

Any coach, team manager or parent can start a team chat.

Can I view who is in a particular group message?

Yes, you can. On that group’s message screen, hit the arrow in the top right corner and you will be able to see everyone who is in that chat as well as start a new message with an individual, right from that page. 

When I try to respond to an email in my personal email inbox (not in the PlayerFirst app), it bounces back due to coming from a no-reply address. What do I do? 

For security purposes, all communication must be communicated through the app, which is why you cannot reply to emails from your personal inbox. The email that comes into your personal email is just a notification.